Numbers matter.

Precision is at the core of everything we do, from financial accounting to payroll and auditing. It’s about getting the numbers right – who’s ever heard of Special Agent 008?


  • Personal Taxation

    We offer a comprehensive personal taxation planning and compliance service including:

    Self Assessment Returns

    We will discuss your sources of income, complete the return, file it with HM Revenue & Customs and deal with routine queries and generally help keep you up to date with the tax man.

    Income Tax Planning

    There are many ways of avoiding income tax which do not involve a great deal of changes to your affairs. We can discuss alternatives and assist you to minimise your tax liabilities.

    Inheritance Tax

    Often referred to as a voluntary tax because, with adequate planning, it can be avoided. However, where tax does become payable or if returns are required, we can guide you through and deal with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

    Capital Gains Tax

    There are numerous reliefs and claims to reduce or delay the payment of this tax. We can help you minimise your exposure to tax. Where returns are necessary we can prepare these on your behalf and reach agreement with HM Revenue & Customs. 

  • Corporation Tax

    Corporate tax services are provided to our corporate clients, and includes the preparation of Corporation Tax Computations and submission of form CT600 (Company Tax Return) to HMRC. 

  • Estate & Trust Tax

    For beneficiaries and executors of wills, and trustees of family settlements, having to deal with tax returns is often a responsibility that you would prefer not to have.

    Fortunately, help is at hand. We have years of experience in dealing with estate and trust tax matters, and we also recognise that it’s often not just a case of preparing the figures … estates and trusts can be a delicate matter and require tactful handing.