Numbers matter.

Precision is at the core of everything we do, from financial accounting to payroll and auditing. It’s about getting the numbers right – who’s ever heard of Special Agent 008?


  • VAT

    We offer a wide range of expertise in VAT consultancy services. Do you know about the following and whether they can benefit your business? No? We do!

    • The Flat Rate Scheme
    • Annual Accounting for VAT
    • Partial Exemption calculations
    • Retail Scheme for VAT
    • The Tour Operator Margins Scheme (TOMS)

    ....and many more.

  • Accountancy

    Every set of accounts is different and we advise on many industry specific accounting adjustments, including:

    • Herd basis
    • Heritage Assets for Charities
    • Client accounts
  • Taxes

    Did you know that there are over 10,000 pages of tax legislation? It is worth a read if you ever have trouble sleeping. We pore through the detail so you don't have to and we advise on many quirks and little known reliefs, including:

    • Authors tax averaging
    • Farmers tax averaging
    • Lloyds underwriting
  • Payroll

    Our dedicated payroll team have you covered. If you are struggling to get your head around any of these then please get in touch:

    • Pensions auto enrolment
    • Real Time Information (RTI)
    • P11D's and dispensations
    • PAYE Settlement Agreements (PSAs)
  • Business Startups

    Are you considering starting a business? Then speak to us before you do - although you may have chosen your business name there are a few other bits and pieces to consider:

    • Are you better off as a sole trader or as a limited company?
    • Would a Limited Liability Partnership suit you better than a standard partnership?

    We can help you with these questions and more. We can also complete all necessary registrations be they with HMRC and/or Companies House. 

    If you require bank funding to get started - we can help with this too.