Numbers matter.

Precision is at the core of everything we do, from financial accounting to payroll and auditing. It’s about getting the numbers right – who’s ever heard of Special Agent 008?


  • Company Audit

    We have experience in working with a wide range of clients from small start-ups and owner managed businesses to some of the largest privately owned companies and international groups. Our audit approach is based on modern risk assessment techniques that enable us to concentrate our efforts on the areas of most significance or that have the greatest risk of error. 

    What makes our audit and assurance services different is the genuine advisory nature of our approach. Our directors have a high level of contact with clients, taking time to understand each business and its unique circumstances. As you would expect, our directors and teams are technically excellent and have extensive experience of working with a wide range of clients.

  • Charity Audit

    Our specialist team has a detailed knowledge of the latest legislation governing the sector and will ensure that your accounting and reporting meet the latest regulatory requirements and comply with the latest SORP. Your specific requirements, be it an audit, an Independent Examination or an accountants’ report will depend on the size of your organisation, but whatever your needs, we can provide you with the level of service to ensure that you comply with your obligations.